Muslim Youth and Islam in the US

The stories in This Is Where I Need To Be grow from the experiences and perspectives of youth in public high schools. These are the lives of youth who represent a cross-section of the diversity of American Muslims in the United States. The stories reflect the variety of urban school environments in the U.S.: large and small, selective and regular, and all very diverse. Thus, any student who reads these stories, whether Muslim or not, will recognize something familiar while at the same time discovering something new.

Muslim Youth Association

" This Is Where I Need To Be personalizes the experience of being Muslim and shows the diversity of its representation among youth from a cross-section of New York City’s ethnic communities. It allows youth to speak for themselves and to represent their religiosity..."

MYA is a web portal that has been designed specifically for Muslim youth. The goal of the site is to provide a place for Muslim youth to get information relevant to them, to create an area where they can share information and ideas and to allow them to be part of a group of people that have common goals and values.

Based in the UK, aims to raise awareness of the different social problems that affect young Muslims and provide culturally sensitive guidance to young people. The site encourages young Muslims to develop peer-support networks, access specialist services and care for their social and mental wellbeing.

A site that wishes to empower and educate Muslim youth, and to develop their physical, moral and spiritual capacities.

Additional resources on Muslim youth and communities in the US:

PBS offers a look at ordinary Muslims in various parts of the world. This segment focuses on Muslims in America.

Muslims, by Paul D. Numrich
This entry from the Encyclopedia of Chicago examines Chicago as a microcosm of the theological, ethnic and cultural diversity of Islam.

by Erika Hayasaki
A compelling feature article and photo essay (November 19, 2008) from The Los Angeles Times about Muslim American teenagers search for identity.

This photo essay from Time magazine takes us inside an Illinois school where “two worlds” meet.

An intimate portrait of America’s Muslim community, also from Time magazine.

An article from BBC News about what it means to be Muslim and American in a post 9/11 world.

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