Online Companion to the Curriculum Guide and the Book

This website is the companion to the curriculum guide and the book, This is Where I Need to Be: Oral Histories of Muslim Youth in NYC . The book is a first-ever volume of oral history narratives told to and authored by Muslim American teenagers. Each chapter is the voice of someone growing up Muslim in NYC. In true oral history fashion, these are voices uncensored by a classroom teacher, unfiltered by the media newsroom, and unadulterated by social science theory. These are personal moments and memories—“histories”—from the lives and identities of ordinary Muslim teenagers that powerfully contest the caricatured “images” and “voices” of Muslims in post-9/11 America we are so accustomed to hearing.

As an educator, you might find reading " 5 Reasons to Teach This is Where I Need to Be " an inspirational starting point in teaching about oral history.

Using the Curriculum Guide to Teach Oral History

The curriculum guide features five lesson plans and companion reproducibles that can be taught over the course of one or two sessions, a semester or an entire year. You will also find additional print, web, and literary resources on the site, as well as an oral history primer with suggestions on how to incorporate this form of storytelling and historical research into your curriculum.

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