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The following materials offer more information on the Muslim community in the United States. The following websites and organizations can provide additional background information and lesson ideas.

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I nteractive and Educational Websites

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Educational Orgaizations

Teaching Resources

Saudi Aramco World Magazine
This indispensable publication, and its companion website, offers a wealth of expert knowledge on Muslim art, architecture, culture, history and heritage. Subscriptions to the magazine are free, as is a DVD compilation of all its magazines complete with photos, bibliography and more.

Being Muslim, by Haroon Siddiqui
Groundwood Books, 2008
This guide is intended to provide high school and college students with comprehensive, informed answers to historical and current events—both national and international—connected to Muslims.

Muslim Holidays: Teacher's Guide and Student Resources , by Susan L. Douglass, Council on Islamic Education, 2006
A guide to better acquaint both teachers and students with Muslim holidays.

Timeline of Islam
A Brief Timeline of Events in the History of Islam

A Glossary of Islamic Terms
Terms that are used often in the discussion of Islam and Muslims.

An overview of Islam, with links to resources, from the Religion Newswriters Association.

A guide to talking to kids about terrorism, from the award winning publication Teaching Tolerance.

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