Additional Resources

The following materials offer more information on the Muslim community in the United States. The following websites and organizations can provide additional background information and lesson ideas.

Research Studies and Reports

U.S. Religious Landscape Survey
Based on interviews with more than 35,000 American adults, this extensive survey by the Pew Forum on Religion & Public Life details the religious makeup, religious beliefs and practices as well as social and political attitudes of the American public, including the Muslim community.

Who Speaks for Islam? What A Billion Muslims Really Think , by John Esposito and Dalia Mogahed, Gallup Press, 2008
Based on six years of research by the Gallup Organization and 50,000 plus interviews with Muslims in more than 35 nations with predominantly or sizable Muslim populations. Teaching Guide available.

Muslims in Metropolis , by Kavitha Rajagopalan
Rutgers University Press, 2008
A thorough and insightful examination of the identity formation and experiences of three very different Muslim families in the West – in London, New York, and Berlin. This is a good read for college and adult audiences, but excerpts would work in the classroom as well because of the author’s journalistic style.

American Muslim Voter Survey
A Survey by the Council on American-Islamic Relations details how many Muslim Voters there were in 2006 and related demographics.

Muslims in America: Profile 2001 , by Abdul Malik Mujahid
An annotated resource listing data on the number of Muslims in the USA.

Washington Report on Middle East Affairs
A trusted source on America and its relations in the Middle East covering politics and current affairs. It is published by the American Educational Trust (AET)

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