Additional Resources

The following materials offer more information on the Muslim community in the United States. The following websites and organizations can provide additional background information and lesson ideas.

Interactive and Educational Websites

The Islam Project
Muslim teens speak out as part of a multimedia effort, using print and video in schools and communities, to facilitate an understanding of Islam, Muslims and the American Muslim. A Facilitators Guide is available.

Simulated Hajj from PBS’ Muhammad: Legacy of a Prophet
Students can participate in a simulated Hajj, the annual pilgrimage to Mecca that Muslims are urged to perform once in a lifetime.

A website for youth to share their experiences related to inter-faith service learning opportunities, gain insights on current happenings in inter-faith work, and more.

Change the Story
An online resource aimed at transforming harmful stereotypes about Muslims that persist in society.

Listen Up
An organization that teaches students to use film and video as a platform to express themselves. Completed works are screened at International Film Festivals and on Public TV.

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