Additional Resources

The following materials offer more information on the Muslim community in the United States. The following websites and organizations can provide additional background information and lesson ideas.

Picture Books

The White Nights of Ramadan , by Maha Addasi
Boyds mill Press, 2008
An uncommon story about a festival known as Girgian that comes in the middle of the holy month of Ramadan, and is celebrated in nations by the Persian Gulf.

One Green Apple , by Eve Bunting
Clarion Books, 2006
A sensitive tale of a contemporary Arab immigrant child who is learning to fit in.

I Don’t Want to Blow You Up , by Ricardo Cortes and Bowman Hastie
Magic Propaganda Mill Books, 2007
A coloring book that aims to counter the frightening messages bandied in the name of the “War on Terror” by drawing attention to the myriad people of different colors and cultures who are living peaceful and meaningful lives. A free educator’s guide available online at .

The Last Night of Ramadan , by Maissa Hamed
Bell Pond Books, 2007
Explores the traditions of the Muslim holy month of Ramadan.

The Color of Home , by Mary Hoffman
Dial Press, 2002
An African refugee Muslim child finds a way to fill his pictures with color, despite the horrific images that haunt him.

The Night of the Moon: A Muslim Holiday Story , by Hena Khan
Chronicle Books, 2008
The author shares how one Muslim American family celebrates Ramadan and Eid.

My Name Was Hussein , by Hristo Kyuchukov
Boyds Mill Press, 2004
Traces the experiences of a young Roma boy who lives in Bulgaria. Hussein introduces readers to the blend of many cultures and traditions that his family has incorporated over the centuries.

Silent Music , by James Rumford
Roaring Brook Press, 2008
A child protagonist shares the harshness of war in Baghdad even as he expresses himself via the beauty and discipline of Arabic calligraphy.

My Name Is Bilal , by Asma Mobin Uddin
Boyds Mill Press, 2005
When Bilal and his sister transfer to a school where they are the only Muslims, they must learn how to fit in while staying true to their beliefs and heritage.

The Librarian of Basra: A True Story From Iraq , By Jeanette Winter
Harcourt Childrens Books, 2005
This story re-counts the efforts made by a librarian in Basra, Iraq to save her precious library, including an ancient copy of the Quran—the holy book of Muslims—from destruction.

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