Additional Resources

The following materials offer more information on the Muslim community in the United States. The following websites and organizations can provide additional background information and lesson ideas.


Abraham's Children

Every 10th child in the New York School system is Muslim. Abraham’s Children tells the stories of some of these children through their own voices. Abraham’s Children gives the viewer a real sense of the living experience of being an American Muslim. Scenes in this documentary — warm and humorous, engaging and uplifting — lie in stark contrast to the constant and inaccurate drumbeat of angry and threatening Muslims as portrayed in mainstream media.

One Nation, Many Voices Contest

Winners of a documentary contest inviting submissions on the theme “Muslims in America: Stories, Not Stereotypes.” This contest was sponsored by Link TV.

Through the Eyes of Immigrants

This 23-minute Educational Video Center documentary has a particular emphasis on Arab and Muslim teenagers and how they have been stereotyped and discriminated against after 9/11.

PBS’ Cities of Light: The Rise and Fall of Islamic Spain

This documentary tells the story of a time when Muslims, Christians, and Jews co-existed in unparalleled harmony, and built a society that was to spark the Renaissance. A Teacher’s Guide is available.

PBS’ Muhammad: The Legacy of a Prophet

A documentary showcasing the life and experiences of the Prophet of Islam, Muhammad.

PBS’ Islam: Empire of Faith

A look at the history of the Islamic World over 1000 years and large expanses of the world. Teachers Resources available.

Beyond Borders: Personal Stories from a Small Planet

A Listen Up! Series of short documentaries by youth focusing on their fears and building security including pieces by Muslims in Amaan and the USA.

Frontline: Muslims

Frontline, through interviews, its documentaries and website, examines the role that Islam plays in different lives, including in Muslim America.

Allah Made Me Funny

Fighting stereotypes with humor, this film and standup comedy routine lifts the veil on identity and what it means to be Muslim in America


A film that explores questions of identity and friendship between a Orthodox Jewish woman and a conservative Muslim woman in America.

The Visitor

A film that examines the ties that bind across boundaries of race and religion, in the context of illegal immigration in the USA.


From multi-award winning writer-director Peter Kosminsky comes this gripping, controversial two-part  BBC-America drama which features two British Muslims, a brother and sister, each pulled in radically different directions by conflicting personal experiences in post 9/11 Britain.


Emel Magazine
A “Muslim lifestyle magazine” with subscribers worldwide, sold in mainstream bookstores in Britain.

A publication of the Islamic Society of North America, a window to the lives of Muslim Americans, touching on current events and spirituality.

Islamica Magazine
Islamica Magazine offers an enlightened, global perspective on Islam and a platform for Muslim intellectual voices.

Muslim Girl Magazine
A Muslim girl’s alternative to Cosmopolitan and Seventeen , with a dash of spirituality.

Based in Britain, this glossy covers spirituality, current affairs and culture.

America’s Muslim Family Magazine
America’s leading magazine that focuses on raising a Muslim family with Islamic values, amidst everyday challenges.

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