About the Curriculum Guide

This online curriculum guide will help you bring the themes explored in these oral histories to life in your classroom. The guide features five lesson plans and companion documents that can be taught over the course of one or two sessions, a semester or an entire year.

You will also find additional print, web, and literary resources, as well as an overview of oral history with suggestions on how to incorporate this form of storytelling and historical research into your teaching.

The Lesson Plans

Is All Press Positive? Analyzing Media and Propaganda About Muslims in Post 9/11

In this lesson, students will examine and evaluate the role of the media in depicting Muslims and Islam in post 9/11 America by comparing oral history perspectives and examples from current media.

Unity in Diversity: Exploring Islam in the United States

In this lesson, students will examine the cultural, geographic, and linguistic diversity of the Muslim community in America, developing an understanding of its historical roots and heterogeneous nature.

Don't Judge Me: Understanding the Power of a Stereotype

In this lesson, students will examine the origins and manifestations of negative stereotypes in post 9/11 America, and will share ideas for how to counter stereotypes and spread tolerance in their communities.

The ID Project: Exploring Identity Through the Lens of Culture and Religion

In this lesson, students will define “identity” and consider how it (a) can be shaped by religion and culture and (b) can shape morals, values, and social interactions.

Choices, Choices: Considering the Pros and Cons of Peer Pressure

In this lesson, students will consider the impact of peer pressure on adolescent life, and will then debate its pros and cons.

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